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Services & Techniques

Chiropractic Services by Your Macon Chiropractor

As your Macon chiropractor we offer comprehensive services here at Larger Than Life Chiropractic. Dr. Dusty Large provides chiropractic care in Macon, while serving patients in Warner Robins, Kathleen, Byron, Cochran, and Gray. Whether you want to see a chiropractor for natural pain relief, or you are looking for a local chiropractor for ongoing care and maintenance, we want to assist you. Learn more about the chiropractic services available at Larger Than Life Chiropractic. 

woman learning about multiple chiropractic services from her chiropractor.

Innovative Chiropractic Care

Dr. Large is trained to use a variety of chiropractic techniques to best suit the individual needs of each patient. We offer the common methods of manual adjusting and drop table adjusting for chiropractic adjustments. Additionally we provide instrument adjusting that provides more pinpoint adjustments. This technique is ideal for patients who seek auto accident injury treatment, such as treatment for whiplash and neck pain. 

By using precision instruments, Dr. Large can identify the chiropractic misalignments in the smaller vertebrae of the upper spine and neck. We also use spinal decompression to help resolve inflammation and swelling along the spine. By stretching out the spine Dr. Large can get to the source of pain and treat it effectively. 

Therapeutic and Corrective Exercises

We use therapeutic exercises as a part of a holistic approach to chiropractic care. By using exercises that are prescribed and guided by Dr. Large you can encourage mobility and strengthen your muscles. This is vital to helping your body overcome painful conditions. At Larger Than Life Chiropractic you can also benefit from corrective exercises to extend your treatment. These are exercises that are provided to you for home treatment. By committing to corrective exercises you continue with care in between your chiropractic treatments. 

Lifestyle Advice and Nutritional Counseling

We believe that nutrition and lifestyle plays a major role in health and wellness, as well as the treatment of pain and injury. As such, we offer lifestyle advice and nutritional counseling. Dr Large will work with you on an individual basis to provide you with personalized advice that meets your needs.

Services for Neurological Conditions

Dr. Large is currently pursuing continued education for functional neurology. He is training on the application of functional medicine. Through this knowledge we are able to help patients suffering from neurological conditions. Our services also include brain based therapy to help promote natural healing and pain relief. 

In terms of healing, Dr. Large is open to using various techniques and methods that facilitate healing. We understand that every patient is different in their treatment needs. For this reason, we provide as many treatment options and therapies as possible to best meet your needs.

Your Warner Robins Chiropractor

Begin to improve your health today with services by your Warner Robins chiropractor. We offer comprehensive services including chiropractic adjustment, spinal screening, and treatments for low back pain. Contact Larger Than Life Chiropractic at (478) 257-6114 to schedule an appointment.

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