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Functional Neurology

Restore Your Health and Well-Being with Functional Neurology and Chiropractic Care

Neurology is the precise study of diseases affecting the nervous system, such as strokes, epilepsy, spinal disorders and brain tumors. While neurologists treat nervous system diseases with medications and surgery that target a specific problem, functional neurologists views nervous system dysfunction as emerging from multiple issues interfering with optimal functioning of the nervous system. As a practicing functional neurologist, our Macon chiropractor, Dr. Large, can determine what part of your nervous system needs treatment and how much stimulation will be needed to restore proper functioning to that section of your nervous system.

What Medical Problems Can Functional Neurology Medicine Treat?

Functional neurology achieves long-term, successful results because our chiropractor in Macon applies cutting-edge neuroscience data in a chiropractic care setting. Functional neurologists begin their training by learning about neuron theories and progressing to knowledge levels that allow them to accurately evaluate and treat multiple dysfunctions of the nervous system. If you suffer from one or more of the following medical problems, functional neurology can help relieve painful symptoms and improve your overall health:

  • Neck / Back / Shoulder Pain

  • Herniated/Bulging discs

  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

  • Fibromyalgia

  • Headaches & Migraines

  • Spinal Stenosis

  • Hip, Knee and Foot Pain

  • Sciatica (Low Back Pain)

Functional neurology addresses many more nervous system/musculoskeletal disorders not listed. To find out if functional neurology can help you, schedule a consultation appointment with our Warner Robins chiropractor

Functional Neurology Treatment Methods

Digital Thermography

Our digital thermography device scans your body and detects temperature imbalances around your spine. Elevated temperatures may indicate areas of inflammation, abnormal soft tissue processes and imbalances of neurovascular tones. Medical (digital) thermography is an advanced procedure capable of capturing infrared emissions of heat and energy invisible to the naked eye. Approved for medical use by the FDA over 30 years ago, digital thermography is noninvasive, painless and does not emit radiation.

Surface EMG

By measuring spinal nerve and muscle electrical activity using surface EMG technology, your chiropractor in Warner Robins can assess whether aberrant electrical activity is neurologically interfering with healthy functioning of your nervous system. Since muscles supporting your spine (paraspinal muscles) are controlled mostly by your nervous system, any deviance from normal electrical processes within these muscles helps our chiropractor identify patterns or areas of stress impacting nerves. Surface EMGs can detect misalignment of the spine, tension and problems resulting from poor posture practices that can be eliminated with chiropractic adjustments.

Pulse Wave Profiler

A pulse wave profiler monitors your autonomic nervous system by collecting the rate of your heart beat via heart rate variability data. A powerful tool used by functional neurologists, the natural variations in heart rate is caused by physiological phenomena such as breathing and other autonomic nervous system processes. Our Macon chiropractor uses pulse wave profiler technology to determine how your nervous system reacts to chiropractic adjustments or other forms of chiropractic care.

To learn more about the benefits of functional neurology for treating musculoskeletal pain and other disorders, please call Larger Than Life Chiropractic today at (478) 257-6114 to schedule an appointment.

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