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The Causes of Sciatica and How Our Macon Chiropractor Can Help

Your back hurts, but it’s more than that. Sometimes you feel a tingly sensation in your leg, even your buttocks. This pain scares you because of its nature.

It sounds like you’re dealing with a case of sciatica. If so, you might be surprised how chiropractic care can manage and even reduce your pain. Whether you’re dealing with low back pain or a herniated disc from this condition, you should seek out a Macon chiropractor.

What Is Sciatica?

Sciatica is a medical condition in which the sciatic nerve is damaged. This nerve is located from the leg up to the lower back. That’s why these areas are symptomatic.

There are a variety of causes for this condition. These include spinal inflammation, spinal stenosis, bone spurs, or a herniated disc.

If you believe you have sciatic pain, you should certainly see a chiropractor in Macon to see what they can do for you.

What Are the Symptoms?

It’s important to remember that with sciatic pain, half your body is affected at a time. You won’t feel pain or tingling down both legs or both sides of the buttocks, just one. This tingling can extend sometimes to one foot.

Besides tingling, you may also notice your muscles aren’t as strong in the affected area. You may lose feeling in these areas.

Then there’s the pain. The state of sciatic pain can vary. You’ll notice you have low back pain, buttocks pain, and leg pain. On some days this pain is manageable. Other times, the pain is briefer but far more intense.

Getting Sciatica Treatment from Our Warner Robbins Chiropractor

If you’re concerned you may have sciatic pain, it’s best to see a Warner Robbins chiropractor today. The chiropractic care you’ll receive will target the nerve compression that causes your pain, tingling, and discomfort.

We may do spinal manipulation and adjustments to correct herniated discs and pinched nerves. If that doesn’t work, sometimes transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation or TENs does. This gentle electrical therapy is never painful.

You’d be surprised, but we’ll sometimes even do ultrasounds for our patients dealing with sciatic pain. These ultrasounds go to the body’s tissue, which is stimulated into repairing itself. Your body will feel less stiff, swelling will go down, and you should notice fewer muscle spasms. In short, your pain should be significantly impacted.

Ice/cold therapy, which comprises of switching between cold and hot sources, if a specialty treatment for sciatica patients. Combined with our chiropractic adjustments, you should notice a reduction in your pain.

About Larger Than Life Chiropractic

Looking for a chiropractor in Macon? Look no further than Larger Than Life Chiropractic. Named after our founder, Dr. Dusty Large, our chiropractic care never involves medication or surgery.

Besides treating Macon residents, we proudly serve Kathleen, Byron, Cochran, Gray, and Warner Robins clients as well. Our Warner Robins chiropractor will get to the root cause of your sciatic pain, such as a pinched nerve or a herniated disc. By treating that root cause, the tingling and pain should dissipate.

To learn more or schedule an appointment today, call us at (478) 257-6114. You can also visit us at Larger Than Life Chiropractic on 3040 Riverside Drive, Suite B3 in Macon.

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