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Try Our NASA Developed Functional Neurology Technology Today!

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Posted on 04-21-2017

Try Our NASA Developed Functional Neurology Technology Today!

If you have suffered with neck, back, or shoulder pain than longer than you can remember, we understand. Many patients go through different types of chiropractic care programs with little or no success. Our Macon chiropractor, Dr. Dusty Large, believes in using exciting new technologies to help provide lasting relief for our valued patients. No matter how resistant your condition has been to pain before, our chiropractic team is here to find a solution. 

At Larger Than Life Chiropractic, your Warner Robins chiropractor, along with the rest of our team believes our efforts to accurately measure how your body is functioning is the key to helping our patients. Dr. Large, along with rest of our team, embraces technology's ability to help us understand your condition so we can recommend the right chiropractic adjustments right away. 

Learn More About Our NASA Developed Functional Neurology Technology with Our Macon Chiropractor

We want to share more about the exciting NASA developed technology that we use with you:

  • Pulse Wave Profiler. With this technology,  we measure the variations in your heart rate as an indicator of the health of your autonomic nervous system. Your heart rate needs to vary to accommodate your activity levels. Heart rate variability is the primary way we track your progress to monitor your chiropractic care plan. 
  • Surface EMG. This equipment measures the electrical activity circulating around the nerves and muscles surrounding your spine. Any activity increases or decreases we pick up usually indicate some type of neurological interference.
  • Digital Thermography. This technology distinguishes temperature imbalances from one side of your spine to the other, which can indicate inflammation or an issue with your neurovascular tone. 

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We hope to hear from you to schedule an appointment with our chiropractor in Macon, so we can get started on working on a path toward recovery for you.

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