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Why do I do what I do?

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Posted on 01-05-2017

Happy New Years. Hope this new year is going to be a spectacular one for you. 

      Often times around the New Year we often find ourselves reflecting on the previous year, or sometimes even further into the previous years. What do we look back on? Good times? Bad times? Achievements and accomplishments? Missed goals and shortcomings? Question the reasons behind why we do what we do? 

In this new year, as I reflect back on the past year and the craziness that it has been with starting LTL Chiropractic, I find myself reflecting on the last posed question, why do I do what I do? And the answer to that ain't exactly simple (in my most bumpkin voice possible). 

Why do we do anything in life? What drives us? Financial gain? Climbing the societal ladder to recognition and popularity? Maybe stuck where you are? An attitude of service for others? A higher calling? There are many different reason why people are geared to do what they do both professionally and personally. Each and every person will most like have a different answer among many similar themes. For me being a chiropractor, it's a blend of several different responses. 

First and foremost, I absolutely love being around people. It energizes me, propels me through the day with vigor. I love seeing people become healthier, their bodies functioning better, and those health challenges they once faced, melting away. My parents at very young age enstilled a very strong sense of servitude in me and my siblings. Some of my earliest memories from my childhood are of serving others. Whether it be extending a friendly hand to neighbors, my father teaching me to hold doors for others, my mother always making sure we kind to others, regardless of their situation in life.  Even serving at an early age with the Cub Scouts, Webelos, eventually Boy Scouts. That sense of service perpetuated later in life with my college fraternity service projects and volunteer time, and currently with various civic organizations. I can truly say helping others with a sense of service is deeply rooted in my character. 

Secondly I know that starting a practice is huge risk, much like starting any other business. However, I have never been one to back down from a challenge, and have always been somewhat of risk taker. I learned how to rock climb in my early twenties and always looked forward to getting to the crag and taking on new climbs. I learned how to scuba dive in my early teens alongside with my father, and became a certified advanced open water diver at 15. I had a very fast motorcycle for a period while in college, and loved the thrill of going fast. Always loved to travel and meet new people, most likely as a result of my time overseas during my upbringing. I have always loved adventure, new challenges, and meeting people. I look at this new practice in the same light, as a challenge (little did I know how much of a challenge it would end up being, and still is, and will always be!)

Lastly, family. I have always strived to make my family proud of what I am doing and what I have become. I know no one is perfect, and I have had my moments when I have disappointed those around me. We are all human and prone to mistakes. However, I use my family's love and support as drive to push me to be the best chiropractor I know how to be so that I can change as many lives as possible, because it makes me proud and my family proud. 

So in closing, I encourage everyone to reflect back on what drives them. I actually had a few revelations while writing this post! What started off as a post about chiropractic, turned into something much more personally significant!

Happy New Years everyone! 

Dr. Dusty Large

Geraldine Parker said:

Dr. Large, I wish you the very best with your new practice. Enjoyed reading all about your childhood, the many values instilled in you at an early age, and the good habits you developed while serving others. These traits will take you far in life. I highly recommend Dr. Large to anyone reading this. He was our family chiropractor until he moved his practice to Macon. We miss him already. Happy New Year, Dr. Large. "Petit a petit, l'oiseau fait son nid", or as they say here, "Rome wasn't built in one day." You'll get there. God bless your new business.

2017-01-05 21:40:03

Dr. Dusty Large said:

Thank you Geraldine! Happy New Years to you and David too! Thank you for the encouraging words!

2017-01-09 07:10:13

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